IP Modules

Elevate Your IP Practice


Intellectual Property Management includes trademark applications and registrations in all jurisdictions and the 50 US states with full text details, images and the complete list of goods. Special handling for US, Canada, EUTM and Madrid Protocol marks.  Automatic daily USPTO status updates added to your docket. Data migration and auditing for 175 jurisdictions, no manual entry required. Renewal and maintenance dates are calculated automatically.


Keep full particulars of all your patent and design portfolio with multiple web links for access to claims, references and all other data. Download data from PAIR and Patentscope. Upload and store  IDS and other documents in the Documents Module. Docketing for annuity and other deadlines completes your Intellectual Property management goals.


Contains details of oppositions and other disputes and litigation for trademarks, patents, designs, copyright and e-Commerce matters. Links to TTAB database for record intake and audits. Full docketing for all cases. Also keeps track of your policing activity. It’s all part of your IP portfolio record keeping.

Document Management

Store all categories of electronic documents and images, and cross reference them with one or more records in any Module. Access the documents from the parent record or separately through a detailed search screen. Management reports are available. Documents can easily be extracted for off-site backup.


Record the history of each copyright work with details of authorship, publication and all assignments. Keep registration details and audit the data with a web link to the Library of Congress Copyright Catalog and the Copyright Term Calculator. Store Registration Certificates and other materials in the Documents Module.


Retain and track of all of your trademark searches from initial inquiries to clearance. Link records directly to your favorite search services. Use the TM Cloud Pre Search web links for online preliminary searches in over 100 foreign jurisdictions and many US states. Create trademark records with one click directly from the Search record.

Domain Names

Preserve records of all your domain name registrations, with full  docketing for renewals. Keep track of Registrar and account details, and the domain servers. Audit your data with web links to the .com whois database and to EURid.eu, Nominet and other national sources. Domain names can also be cross indexed with the relevant trademark registrations.

Company Management

A comprehensive name and address database is an important part of IP portfolio record keeping. Details of company names, personal contact information and incorporation and other company details for all records for all modules is an integral part of the TMCloud system.  Custom email templates can be used for mailings and other correspondence. 


The Assignments module is linked directly to the Trademarks, Patent and Copyright modules to record details of all transfers of rights, assignments, mergers and changes of name and address. Custom templates can be set up for all types of standard and confirmatory assignments. Lists of trademark registrations can be pulled directly from the Trademarks module for preparation of schedules.

Contracts & Licenses

Manage all types of contracts, agreements and licenses for IP and other matters. The built-in docket keeps track of critical dates such as royalty payments and termination dates. Standard documents and emails can be set up as templates.  


The e-Commerce module is a specialist supplement to the Disputes Module to take care of your social media presence and Internet problems. Templates provide take down notices and cease and desist notices. A web link provides access to the DMCA Directory of Designated Agents. Cases are cross indexed to the Trademarks and Copyright modules. Full docketing is provided.

General Matters

This module provides practice management support and integrates all other matters and cases with the full functionality of the TMCloud system. Custom reports, listings and templates are available together with detailed docketing to round out your IP  portfolio record keeping. 

Customs Recordal

This add-in is an optional section in the main trademark record, and provides in context details of trademarks recorded with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency. The Expiry Date is docketed and web link to the CPB IP database is provided based on the Recordation Number. Additional web links are also provided for the application form and the database search.

Outlook Add-in

This add-in is added to your Outlook email client and enables emails and their attachments to be sent directly to the TM Cloud Documents Module with complete indexing data and links to the selected trademark records.