Powerful Patent Management Software with Annuities Docketing

Management & Record Keeping

Patent management software lets you keep comprehensive details of all types of patents, design patents, registered and unregistered designs, plant patents and varieties. Use the Docket Module to schedule automatic email reports and add your own deadlines and reminders to the list supplied.  

Web Links

Web links allow you to move from your on-scren record to the corresponding Patent Office record. One click makes all the current PO data available for review and comparison. You can also download data from PAIR and Patentscope for accurate record intake without any manual data entry.

Annuities and Maintenance Handling

Patent annuities handling is made efficient and easy with built in docketing for major jurisdictions. You can also add your own custom deadlines and ad hoc reminders. Standard and custom annuity reports for Annuity Payment Services are available. The USPTO Maintenance Fee Portal is just one click away.

Patent Database Access

You don’t have to carry pages of detailed information in your patent records for it to be immediately available. One click lets you access PAIR, Private PAIR and Patentscope for data intake and audits. Another click to the US Patent Full Text database shows full text claims, references, drawings  and all other data.  

Document Storage

All relevant documents become part of the patent record when uploaded to the integrated Documents Module. You can store Invention Disclosure IDS reports, Assignments, Patent searches and all other materials in electronic format. All the documents are automatically cross indexed with the Patent and other records and can be viewed with just one click.

Search Links

Millions of Patent documents are available on-line and the TM Cloud Patent Management system provide access to a wide variety of research materials.   Search Espacenet, WIPO Patent Register, Google Patent Search, USPTO and selected national Patent Offices, Designview, Plant Patent and Plant Varieties databases.