The TMCloud Trademark Management Software provides a unified, intelligent interface that incorporates and surpasses all capabilities of competitive systems.

US Status Updates

The TM Cloud trademark management software automatically updates your pending US trademark applications daily without any manual input. Critical data is added to the records in your portfolio and docket entries are created. Confirmatory emails are sent to management and support staff.

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Docket Reports

TM Cloud comes with a series of standard Excel reports which can easily be customized to meet your exact requirements. Docket reports covering all or selected jurisdictions can be generated at any time or scheduled for automatic email delivery daily, weekly or monthly.  Critical date can also be sent to your desktop or or mobile device.

Renewal Date Calculation

 Our trademark docketing software uses a comprehensive library of Intellectual Property deadlines and reminders for renewals and maintenance for all jurisdictions. Clients can add their own docket rules. TMCloud automatically calculates all renewal and maintenance dates and reminders for the U.S. and globally for all other jurisdictions and adds them to the docket.

Data Validation

Docketing depends on accurate and up-to-date trademark and IP records. The trademark management software provides Audit links for 177 jurisdictions to keep your records up to date and in tune with national trademark office data. Internal alerts highlight missing or doubtful docketing data, such as registered marks with no renewal dates, and past due critical dates.


Special Jurisdcitions

Special handling is provided for US marks with extensive live web links to TESS, TSDR and the TTAB database, and for Canadian, EUTM and Madrid Protocol International registrations. Audit links are available for these and all other jurisdictions.

Docketing For All Modules

Docketing is provided not just for Trademarks, but also for Patents, Disputes, Searches, Domain Names and all other TMCloud modules. Analytics with graphs and charts are displayed on the Dashboard.