TM Cloud Automation Guide

Whats automated in TM Cloud?

*100% hands off automation – No login required*

Complete USTPO Pending Trademark Automation

What's included?

  • Daily email notification for all status changes on USTPO applications
  • Updates automatically added to TM Cloud trademark records
  • Updates displayed on the dashboard every day
  • Both Trademark Office History Sections refreshed

Automatic docket entries are created for?

  • Office Actions
  • Opposition expiry
  • Notice of acceptance
  • SOU extensions
  • On registration, Section 8 and 9 renewal deadlines and reminders

Automatically generated scheduled emails: scheduled emails containing any TM Cloud report (docket, management or backup etc.) daily, weekly or monthly.

Calendar sync: sync docket deadlines/reminders for trademarks, patents, copyrights, litigation, domain names etc. with any online calendar and your phone.

Outlook add-in for attaching/storing documents/emails without logging into TM Cloud platform. 

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Whats automated in TM Cloud?

*Additional advanced automation features available on the platform – login required*

Global automatic trademark and patent deadline generation: Generated through the unique Practice Guide tool, all statutory deadlines and automatic reminders come standard with every subscription in all jurisdictions. (custom and adhoc also available).

Trademark & patent office data integration for 180 countries: downloads, weblinks, audit, documents. All core data downloaded including: images/logos, application numbers/dates, registration/grant numbers/dates, classes goods/services, subject matter and much more.

USPTO TTAB download/audit available for disputes/litigation matters.

Special handling of WIPO trademark registrations, view detailed status of Madrid Monitor data and update all designations from one centralized page.

Client/Agent/Management email and document creation using templates.

Brief Automatic Deadline Generation Overview

Office Actions: enter data you received the OA, the response due date and reminder will automatically be calculated and placed into your docket and the office actions subsection automatically.

Statutory Deadlines: All mandatory legal deadlines/reminders (renewals, use requirements etc) are automatically generated by the system for all jurisdictions for trademark and patent records. The core data must be in place in the record, either from downloading from one of our many connected trademark/patent offices online or entered by hand. Critical core data includes: Jurisdiction name, Status, Application Date, Registration/Grant date, Basis of Filing (US and CA only), Notice of Allowance, Publication Date, Type of Patent etc. Core data requirements are gone over in detail in each 1 hour complimentary getting started training session to ensure the date calculation automation is fully understood.

Trademark Renewals: Once the status of the Renewal has been marked as completed the next renewal due date and Sec 8 deadlines/reminders will automatically be calculated, in some jurisdictions this can also be downloaded in using the Audit feature from the connected trademark database.

Statement of Use: Once the Notice of Allowance is saved in the record all the SOU dates and reminders are automatically generated in the docket for all jurisdictions.

Patent Annuities: All patent annuities/maintenance/grant fees etc. are automatically calculated for all jurisdictions or can be downloaded in from the connected patent database.

Reminders: Once a docket action has been marked as completed all the corresponding reminders will also be removed from the docket automatically.

All modules work in the same manner

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