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Trademark Data Validation in TM Cloud

Keep trademark records accurate

How good is the data in your docketing system?  Is it complete, accurate and up-to-date? And how do you know? When did you last audit it? Your trademark docketing reports and client reports depend on accurate records.

At TM Cloud, we provide a comprehensive database system specifically designed for trademarks, patents and other IP cases, which not only holds all your data but also makes it easy to keep it accurate and up to date.

The issues begin with data intake. Whether it’s a new individual filing, taking over a new portfolio, or adopting a new system, each IP record should be cross checked with internal and external reliable sources.  The issues then continue throughout the life of the registration.

Our solution is to provide easy access to the public and proprietary online sources, and also to your own collection of registration certificates, emails and important documents.

TMCloud now provides one click access for each of your trademark records, in 175 plus jurisdictions, for

  • Data intake: download the complete trademark record, with the logo image, the complete list of classes, goods and services, the owner of record and the renewal due date
  • Data audits: for your existing records: check the data in your record against the online source and update it automatically
  • Web Links and Click throughs: for on screen comparisons, to review all the data in the source record
  • Supporting documents: keep all relevant documents in the Documents Module, classified and cross indexed with your trademark and other IP records

External Sources

The primary external sources for trademark data are the 75 national Trademark Registry databases which are available online. They can be searched individually, or in many cases through the aggregators TMVIEW, ASEAN TMVIEW and the WIPO Global Brand database.   In addition the major trademark search companies TrademarkNow, Compumark and Corsearch each have their own proprietary databases covering virtually all jurisdictions.

External data validation is provided in TM Cloud by access to the proprietary TrademarkNow database and to each of the national trademark registry online databases.

Internal Sources

One often neglected source of data for validation is your own collection of certificates and correspondence. Although discrepancies are rare, none of the external sources claim that their data is complete or accurate. But your own registration certificates should tell you the correct story.

The traditional hierarchy for ensuring accuracy is:

  1. Registration and renewal certificates
  2. IP Office filing receipts
  3. Notices in IP Office Gazettes and Journals
  4. Correspondence from you Agents
  5. Trademark Office records

TM Cloud provides for cross indexed document and email storage, with one click access from each trademark or other IP record.

With all the tools built in to TM Cloud, it’s easy to keep your trademark data in good health.

We also provide trademark audit services, not only for TM Cloud users, but also for anyone using other systems, if you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself.